Liftopia Lift Tickets and Snow Conditions App Reviews

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Nothing special

The "deals" for mt hood were normal pricing at the ticket window. The 24hour snowfall was incorrect, said 0 when there was snow falling all night, mt hood website said 4. This app needs a lot of work

Very helpful app for planning ski weekends

Ive tried a few apps, but Liftopia is one of the best ones out there. Tells me everything I need to know to get the most out of a ski weekend.

Love the discounts!

Great deals, just have to have printer access.

Overhyped app

The reality is the deals offered on this app are nothing spectacular. Yes you can get a price cut at more of the second-tier mountains, but youre pegged to the days you buy for. If you cant go for some reason, you just wasted your money. Also, there are not great deals for the top resorts in Vermont. Rarely is there anything of significance for deals at Stowe and Sugarbush. Yes it doesnt hurt to own this app or receive Liftopia emails. But for the amount of marketing noise they make, theyre usually just deals on resorts that arent top notch or need help selling last-minute tickets. Hate to be overly critical, but this app does not offer deals that are anything special. Ive been looking for the past 3 ski seasons.

They just want to sell deals!

Very limited info on resorts... In Colorado, no Steamboat, no Crested Butte among others. What???? Deleted immediately.


Im confused because all of these reviews say that this app is "awesome" and "the best", yet I have it downloaded and none of the info is correct. I know for a fact that Tahoe is going off right now, but the app says they have no new snow, no base and arent even open. Its the complete opposite up there. Check their website if you dont believe me. So, with all that, I have to rate this app a 1 at best. Whats the point of it when everything is wrong?

Solid app. Needs two additional features.

This is a must-have app for travelers and those who like skiing at multiple destinations. Its fairly easy to use and interfaces well with the desktop version. Its missing two key features: - Search for a ski resort by name - Weather forecasting for your favorite ski resorts. The current conditions readout is super helpful, but if there was a way to view forecast for the next three days thru Weather API, etc, it was be perfect.

Pretty bad

Deleted it right away. I found the navigation immediately cumbersome. Why cant one search directly for a spot? Why do you have to wade through a series of drop downs? Why does the nav use a drop down for the calendar??wouldnt a calendar tool make more sense?? This may be a iPhone 6plus problem, but when you do get results the row size chops off the content so I cant even see the results. Im also pretty sure the results are not accurate or current. Its showing no snow at all for many resorts around Tahoe when weve had a few big storms pass through in the last week dumping quite a bit of new snow. I cant comment on any ticket deals - the app didnt stay on my phone long enough to even care.

Solid app for trip planning

Some friends and I travel every winter to ski different resorts in the U.S. and Canada. This app provides solid information as a starting point in order to get a feel for a resort and see surrounding options. The lift ticket deals are there too.

App does what it is supposed too

I actually had this app recommended by a friend and have used it a couple of seasons. It is not a magic bullet but if you have a flexible schedule and pay attention, Liftopia will get you the best rates on the mountain. Not all mountains are included and some of the discounts are less than taxes but hey, I was going to ski anyway right. Get the app and you wont be disappointed.

Very helpful for new to the area skiing

I have used other apps and this one makes it very easy to learn conditions and status with map navigation. I also used the deals and it worked without issue.

Great app!

I use it all the time sometimes well in advance and other times a day or two before but I always save money. A no brainier!

Worst customer service and way overpriced

Bought two lift tickets for two days. They wound up charging me in American dollars and the tickets were 57.86 more per person than if Id bought them at the hill itself. Complete ripoff!! Then I called to cancel and got a runaround. This company is worthless and only out to get your money. Be aware!

Great app!

Consolidates ski resort pricing, conditions, and info! Thanks!

Great app

Awesome app to buy your lifts at a discount rate.

Get this app

This is the best skiing app I have come across. It has no crazy add ons or anything it just gets you great deals on tickets you cant get anywhere else. It also jive weather updates to your favorite mountain. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Charges in USD

More expensive than hills online deals because liftopia charges you in USD. Pretty bad that you have no opportunity to realize that until after purchase.

dont bother

try finding gore mntn in less that five minutes come to my IT school and Ill teach you how to program

Not such a deal after exchange conversion

Unfortunately if you are a Canadian buying lift tickets for a Canadian ski resort we still get dinged with the USD currency exchange. This is not clear until after you press purchase. My "deal" ended up costing me more after conversion plus the "service fee". Total waste of time

Easiest way to find great ski deals

Easy to use, convenient place to find deals and present proof of purchase when you get to the mountain.

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