Liftopia Lift Tickets App Reviews

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Good, except.....

The app is good. Great deals on lift tickets. Up to date conditions in some resorts. I would like to see more resorts added. For instance resorts in Quebec. If more resorts are added it will be a 5 star app.

Handy on the slopes

I agree could have more resorts, but they keep adding more. When it crashed, tech support was right there with great service to fix


A nice looking app but does not seem to be very accurate for hill conditions in my area. Not trustworthy. I get better information from my weather app.

Amazing App

Couldnt ask for more! Love the details about the hills :) the gps everything!

Great App for Travel!!

However, I live in a small area with small mountains; I would love to know local conditions even though its nice to know conditions and deals at the resorts!

Absolutely incredible

Thought this sounded too good to be true but gave it a try & it is awesome! Super good deals at local mountain. Communication with Liftopia staff was quick & friendly & very helpful. Very impressive - am spreading the word about Liftopia! Works great & saves a lot if money on lift tickets. Di need to purchase at least 1 day ahead if time. Forgot & got burned with full price on my last day. ** Remember to buy a day ahead.

Top for slop

Love it

great app

good app, one of the most accurate on i tryed .


Works awesome when ski hills participate - I check this app almost daily

Great app

Great app! Few suggestions: 1) Could really do with retina hd full screen mountain maps with better zooming capabilities. 2) ability to apply filters to screen which lists mountain info (e.g ability to filter by mountains with most new snow on top 3) mountain temperatures: would be nice to have a rough idea of hill temp before heading out for the day Overall great app. Please keep the updates coming.

Missing all hills around Ottawa

Missing all hills around Ottawa so useless to me.


Great programme does what it says easy to use and full of good information. Well done and thanks.

Never updated, not reliable.

Ive been giving this app a chance all season. Not once has it been accurate or updated on the mornings I need it.

Great app! Saves you a bunch

Was easy to use, plus I use the app for conditions and to find hills around me.

Great Deals But....

4 stars for the deals but I cant give 5 because of the UI. This app needs an iOS8/iPhone 6 update. Also I would be nice if you could edit your profile on the app. Another big improvement would be the ability to search for a particular hill and not just the area. Also more up to date info would nice. For example I bought a day/night ticket but the hill wasnt opening their night skiing till about two weeks after the date I purchased for.

Not such a deal after exchange conversion

Unfortunately if you are a Canadian buying lift tickets for a Canadian ski resort we still get dinged with the USD currency exchange. This is not clear until after you press purchase. My "deal" ended up costing me more after conversion plus the "service fee". Total waste of time

Charges in USD

More expensive than hills online deals because liftopia charges you in USD. Pretty bad that you have no opportunity to realize that until after purchase.

Worst customer service and way overpriced

Bought two lift tickets for two days. They wound up charging me in American dollars and the tickets were 57.86 more per person than if Id bought them at the hill itself. Complete ripoff!! Then I called to cancel and got a runaround. This company is worthless and only out to get your money. Be aware!

Great deals. Great app.

Used the site for a long time. Essential for skiers!

Easiest way to find discount lift tickets

By far.

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